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Our Mission

Our mission at “Corrective Massage & Physical Fitness Consultants” is to offer its clients holistic practices and education that will provide peace of mind and a lifestyle that sustains physical, mental, and emotional health.

CMPF Consultants’ focus is to provide the highest level of client care in the field of preventative health.


Our goal is to apply holistic healing modalities to address the needs and concerns of each individual client. We offer massage therapy, personal training, nutritional and integrative health coaching and so much more.

At our center, clients can learn new and creative life solutions to manage stress, share ideas and leave renewed; ready to face life’s challenges. 

Aaron Leon

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AAron Leon

Licensed Massage Therapist

In the past eight (8) years, Aaron has continuously advanced his skills. He has perfected more than ten (10) massage modalities and has worked with over 2,000 clients. They range from athletes to Olympians, to pre/postoperative Orthopedic patients.


Aaron works with people from all walks of life, from the young to the elderly, providing relaxation, chronic pain relief, and reversing muscle dysfunction.  As a certified personal trainer, he assists his clients in correcting muscular imbalances and becoming healthier, stronger individuals.


Throughout Aaron’s career, his goal has been to help change the way society views chronic pain by providing sustainable solutions for healthier well-balanced living.


Cortiva Institute of Massage Therapy


National Academy of Sports Medicine

Certified Personal Trainer

Corrective Exercise Specialist 

Online Fitness Coach

Behavioral Change Coach

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